.Edu.pk Domain Registration Requirement - Procedure

Eligibility Requirements - Edu.pk Domain Name

The domain registrant for .edu.pk domain extensions must be a bona fide educational institute, with sizable active student enrollment. To this effect it should be registered with Government or affiliated with Government Institute having physical presence in Pakistan in form of structure of the institute itself. These aspects are verified by the Official Registry of .pk Domains.

Steps for Registration of .Edu.Pk Domains

1. Register domain with us (unique-links.com.pk). You can register it here.
2. Make the payment as per procedures mentioned at http://www.unique-links.com.pk/billing.htm
3. Domain will be provisionally registered by us and we will confirm it to you.
4. Send documents as mentioned below for Pknic.
5. Verification by PKNIC which may take 10-20 days.
6. Domain Registration is confirmed by PKNIC.
7. We will create hosting account and send details to you.

In case PKNIC does not verify that your institute is bonafied institute, the amount paid to us will be refunded after getting refund from Pknic.

Documents Required

PKNIC (PK domains registry) requires an evidence of Educational Institute with active student enrollment for .edu.pk domains.
This can be furnished as under:-

Filled, Printed, Stamped and signed letter (sample is given below) addressed to PKNIC, on the letter head of the institution.
Registration or Affiliation Certificate of the Institution from Government but not through Private body.
3- A proof of being a registered and active educational institute (institute prospectus, utility bills or any other document deemed appropriate).
4- Contact address (postal), email address, landlines phone number.
5- Copy of CNIC of the signatory.

The above information are to be send to:

PKNIC Collection
84 Tipu Block, Garden Town
Lahore. Pakistan

The registrant will be contacted-back on their provided official references for any verification/explanation required. If a registrar fails to provide us with required proofs of being a registered bona fide educational institute within 30 days of .EDU.PK domain registration, the registration fee may be refunded to the PKNIC registrar account upon de-activation of the domain name.

Sample Letter to be Send to PKNIC

A sample letter to be forwarded to PKNIC is as under. its to be send on letter head of the institute and should not be a photo state, only original and printed letter is accepted.

To,      PKNIC Records
          PKNIC Collection
          84 Tipu Block, Garden Town, Lahore
          Ph: +92-(332)-477-1656


Subject:   Registrationof XXXX Domain name here XXXX


Govt Degree College xxxx is located at xxx, we need to register domain xxx.edu.pk for our College. Provisional registration of the domain has already been done by Mr. xxxx, (Designation of Mr xxx) from PKNIC account ID 29742 of Unique Links (our technical contact). The present status of the domain is “Pending Verification”. Accordingly as Principal of the College, I am forwarding this request for registration of the subject domain name.


Following documents are enclosed for verification:-


  1. Copy of Registration Documents of Govt. Degree College xxx with Govt of xxx.
  2. Copy of CNIC of the head of Institute.
  3. Copy of CNIC of Mr. xxxx.
  4. Copy of Prospectus of the Institute.


For further verification, the contact details are as under:

Postal Address: xxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxx
Fax: 0614396364



Principal Govt Degree College xxxxx

[Official Seal]



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