How to Transfer Domain Name - Web Hosting to Us

- Domain Transfer process is to be started with gaining / new registrar ie Us.
- Mention the name of domain in the form below and press go.

            Domain Transfer:

- Confirm the domain name / " i want to transfer domain name to unique links"
- Add it to cart.
- If you need hosting add web hosting also to it in the next step
- You will need domain transfer key / EPP code which you can get from your present registrar.
- Once you have filled to form, you will be emailed an invoice for payment from us. Make sure to check your email including spam folder.
- Make payment as per
- Email us payment details at sales at the rate of, including scanned copy of deposite slip etc.
- We will start the process.
- Domain adminsitrative contact, will get an email to confirm that he has authorized the transfer. You should be domain administrative contact, however, some domain registration companies keep the domain in their name instead of their customers. In that case you have to ask them to confirm transfer.
- Once the domain transfer is confirmed, the transfer will start and will be completed automatically in 4 days.

A domain must also have been registered for more than 60 days before you are allowed to transfer registrars.
If successful, the transfer of your domain name generally takes at least ten working days to complete - this can be shorter or longer.

Transfer of Web Hosting:

- In case of same panel at yuor present hosting company and us, we can move your database of files from server to server.
- However, if the hosting panels are different at both ends, you will need to upload files to new server. We will send you hosting account details and how to upload files.

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