Domain Transfer Procedure for and Domains

Changing Domain Registrar of .co.UK Domain

The domain transfer process of and is quite different from .com domain name. No active status, no EPP key code and no administrative email access are required for the and the transfer.
Following steps can help you in learing the method of transfer for and domain names:-

1.  You need to request for  the IPS TAG  from your new registrar (to whom you want to transfer to domain).
2.  Provide these IPS TAG  to your present domain registrar (from whom you are transferring) and request them to change the IP TAG of the domain to the ones you have provided.
3.  Get confirmation from current registrar that the IPS TAG has been changed. It takes 24-48 hours for the change to be effective.
4.  Contact you new registar to complete the process of transfer.

The transfer of a .CO.UK domain is free of charge, but it does not include a renewal of the domain.
For changing web hosting company for the website linked with domain, You can simply change the name servers of the domain. Ask your present registrar and they will do it.
The Top-Level Domain  ‘’ is managed by a UK company known as NominetIf your registrar do not comply, please visit this Nominet link where you can get the change enforced for a small fee.
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