.CO.UK Domain Registration, Transfer and Renewal Rules

Registration - .co.uk Domain Name
  • A .UK domain name can be Registered for 1 to 10 years with maximum length of 64 characters (including the extension).

  • The minimum length depends upon the extension under which the domain name is being registered:

    • under .CO.UK/.ME.UK extensions - 6 characters (including the extension)

    • under .ORG.UK extension - 7 characters (including the extension)

  • Allowed characters (excluding the extension):

    • The domain name may consist of only the following: a - z, 0 - 9 and hyphen (-).

    • The domain name may not have a hyphen as the first and/or last character as well as the third and fourth character (simultaneously).The domain name may not consist of only 2 letters; however, it may have a letter and a number or 2 numbers.

 Renewal - .co.uk Domain Name

  • A .UK domain name may be Renewed for 1 to 10 years.

  • You may renew your .UK domain name anytime from 6 months before its Expiry, upto 90 days after its Expiry.

  • Upon Expiry of a .UK domain name:

    • any service such as email, website, etc., configured for this domain name would stop functioning, until the domain name is Renewed.

    • if the .UK domain name is not Renewed until 90 days, the domain name would get Deleted and made available for fresh Registration.

      It is important to note that there is no concept of a Redemption Grace Period in case of a .UK domain name.

Transfer - .co.uk Domain Name

The domain transfer is to be considered from two angles, ONE, where you need to change the ownership of the domain TWO where you need to move the domain to other registrant.

When you need to make changes to domain ownership records:

The majority of transfers incur a charge, as noted above. However there are also a variety of changes that can be made to the legal registrant's details that do not incur a charge. This list is not exhaustive but may include for example: minor alterations such as correcting spelling mistakes; changes to a company name where the company number remains the same; changes to an individual’s name, perhaps through marriage or deed poll; changes from sole trader to individual; changes to named people in clubs or societies such as a new president; adding or removing a partner to a trading name.

Further details can be found at http://www.nominet.org.uk/uk-domain-names/manage-your-domain/transfer

For Moving Domain to Other Registrar

  • Transfer of a .UK domain name does not include one year Renewal.

  • The 60 day Registration/Transfer Lock is not applicable in case of .UK domain names.

  • .UK domain names do not have a Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code as for other domains provided by Unique Links.

    If you wish to change your registrar you should contact Unique Links who will be able to move the domain name for you.  Registrars have access to our registration and domain management systems and can arrange to move a domain name for you very quickly.


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